Equipment Guide

Practicing HEMA can be as expensive or inexpensive as you want. If you intend on learning and coming to drill no equipment is necessary. The club has plenty of equipment.

Below is a list of gear members have used, and the places to order. The equipment you purchase is a very personal decision and we ~highly~ encourage you to shop around, look at reviews, ask people at the club, borrow their gear, and make an informed choice.

An excellent equipment guide is located here:

The basic gear we can recommend, as well as some sparring gear requirements, is below.



The Art of Combat: A German Martial Arts Treatise of 1570

The Art of Sword Combat: A 1568 German Treatise on Swordmanship

Fighting with the German Longsword by Christian Tobler


There are many options for beginners masks. All masks for sparring must include back of the head protection.

Absolute Force Deluxe HEMA Fencing Mask

Training Swords

Recommended for longsword drill and synthetic tournaments:

Synthetic Meyer Federschwert Longsword

Recommended beginners rapier:

Castille Armory Complete Basic Clamshell 


Only soft sole shoes are allowed on the mat. Most tournaments require your feet to be covered. 

i.e Wrestling shoes, kung fu shoes, or barefoot. No street shoes or boots allowed.


For drill work during regular class typically gloves are not required. Any sparring or more intense drill requires protective gloves. In some cases lacrosse gloves may be sufficient.

SPES Heavy Gloves. Probably the most appropriate beginner glove available.


A hard throat protector, a gorget, is required for any sparring. 


Appropriated jacket at least 350N rating.


Men are required to wear an athletic cup.

Elbow and Forearms

Elbows must have hard coverings at least to the center of the joint.

Hard forearm protection is necessary.

Legs, Knees and Shins

Knees must have hard protection at least to the center of the joint. Shins protection is highly recommended and necessary in some cases.

Thigh protection is recommended but not necessary.